4 Things To Keep In Mind When Replacing Your Toilet

Have you been considering a cosmetic change to your restroom? Why not start with the commode? With so many options out there, make sure that you are getting the “best flush for your buck“!

Types Of Toilets You Can Choose

You should start by considering the space you’re working with. There are 3 options of commode style:

- Two-piece

- One-piece

- Wall mount

A two-piece toilet has a tank and bowl that are sold separately; the plumber will need to bolt them together during installation. A one-piece commode is exactly as it sounds, with the tank and bowl coming pre-molded together. The third, but most costly option, are wall-mounted commodes. A wall-mounted commode requires a licensed plumber for installation as the “tank” and frame of the commode are hidden inside the wall. Keep in mind that while this will save you space in the restroom, it will be more costly to repair down the road.

Choosing The Right Color

Next, let’s discuss toilet color options. The standard white toilet will by far be your least expensive option. As with appliances and cars, commodes can come in a variety of color; just be warned that those options will raise the price tag on your initial purchase and possibly lower the future resell options available on your home.

Shape & Height

Let’s transition to commode bowl shapes. The standard bowl shape is elongated. While this does take up a few extra inches of space in your bathroom, it allows for a little more adult comfort during those longer visits. A round bowl could save space if that is what you’re looking to do. On average, costs are about the same between these two toilet options.

Another matter to consider is height. Commodes come in standard height or ADA height (Americans with Disabilities Act).

- A standard height commode is typically 14 to 15″ high from the base of the toilet to the top of the seat

Comfort, or ADA height, is required by law to be 17 to 19″ to allow for an easier transition from a wheelchair to the commode. To read more on ADA toilet specifications, please click here.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Toilet?

The final consideration in commode selection is installation costs. You never know for sure what removing one toilet and installing another one will show you. There could be a damaged flange under the existing commode that requires repair; another possibility is rotted out flooring.

On average in Austin, Texas the starting price to install a toilet will be around $250 (which should include hauling away of your old toilet). However depending on: the type of commode chosen, the location of your toilets new home (upstairs, etc.), unknown issues under the existing commode; could lead to an increase in price. Make sure to choose a licensed plumber who can assist you with these unknowns, and will be honest and upfront with you as any matters are discovered that require your attention.

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