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The water meter in your home or business is an extremely important piece of equipment. Your meter not only lets you know how much water you’re using, but regulates the amount of water which flows through your pipes. As meters age, they become less accurate and could potentially even break down over time, leading to leaks and other potentially dangerous circumstances. This means you should regularly have your meter inspected and maintained, particularly if you have a business that depends heavily on your water meter.

At Plumb Masters, Inc. all our highly-trained and carefully-chosen team of Austin commercial plumbers are fully licensed and background checked to ensure you and your business receive the top-of-the-line service you deserve. We fully believe that until you’re happy, we’re not done with your repair, and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our team has substantial experience helping homeowners and business owners alike with their water meter issues, including providing repairs, full replacements, and meter installations to ensure your home or business stays in good working order. Whether you need a simple calibration, full repair, or complete replacement, you can trust that our team can get the job done quickly so your business can get back to normal.

Find out more about our quality water meter services; call Plumb Masters, Inc. today by dialing (512) 957-0485 to request an estimate or schedule your water meter service.

Types of Water Meters in Austin

Depending on the amount of water your business uses, your water meter could be one of three common types: positive displacement, turbine, or compound. These meters are all have different uses and a skilled plumber can help you decide what type of meter is right for you.

  • Positive displacement meters: These meters are typically used for smaller lines and low flow rates because they actually trap the water before passing it through. They are occasionally used in some small commercial business spaces.
  • Turbine meters: These meters use the energy of the water flowing through your meter to drive a small turbine and take the reading. These devices are great for high-flow facilities, but not as accurate in low-flow situations.
  • Compound meters: These combine the strengths of both a turbine and compound meter into one ultra-efficient and accurate water meter. However, they also have the highest number of moving parts, they also tend to be the most expensive. These meters are frequently found in high-flow or heavy-duty uses, such as large facilities with heavy water usage.

Leak Detection

A member of our team can also use your water meter to determine if you have a plumbing leak somewhere in your home or business. Leaks usually lead to reduced pressure and at the very least a small flow of water through your system at all times, even with every faucet and water fixture completely shut off. Because these tests do require a degree of accuracy, it’s strongly advised you reach out to a company with the experience to get the job done right the first time.

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