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No Matter How Complicated, Our Austin Plumbers Have Answers

Plumbing problems are always concerning because a small issue can become a big problem very quickly. It seems instinctual to panic every time something goes wrong with your piping and drains, but with our team of Austin plumbers on your side, you don’t have to worry.

Here are some common questions that often raise concern.

Do I have a leak?

You might be experiencing a leak if the exposed pipes in your home or facility are discolored or rusting, if there’s excess moisture at the pipe connections, if there’s mold growing inside your walls or under your carpet, or if your water has discoloration or a strange odor.

My sewer is backed up. What do I do?

It could possibly be caused by roots in the piping. One of our technicians will happily come to inspect the premises for you to determine whether the problem is inside or outside of your home or facility.

Why does my sink faucet drip when our toilet is flushed?

This is quite common and most likely caused by high water pressure. Try reducing the water pressure. If the problem persists, contact us to have your pressure reducing valve inspected by one of our team members.

Why is my water bill so high?

You most likely have a leak somewhere in your home or facility. Try inspecting manually for discoloration and moisture on your pipes. If you cannot find any evidence of a leak, contact one of our Austin plumbers for a more thorough inspection.

How do I repair frozen pipes?

Do not use any flammable devices to attempt to thaw your pipes. Apply heat to the frozen section of a pipe with a hair dryer or wrap a heating pad around the piping if possible. Open your faucet to allow water to flow and melt the ice inside of the pipes. If the problem persists or there is a significant amount of damage to your home due to the weather, contact one of our friendly technicians.

My dishwasher is not draining when it completes its cycle.

It is possible that the hose connecting to your kitchen sink was improperly installed. If that’s not the issue, your problem could be due to an inlet water solenoid valve that has malfunctioned. It’s best to contact one of our technicians when this occurs.

How do I know if I need new pipes?

Just like any other appliance in your home, your plumbing is subject to wear and tear and will eventually need to be replaced. Corrosion, rust, and mineral deposits will cause your pipes to deteriorate over time, leading to leaks, mold growth, and possible flooding if left unrepaired. While different pipe materials will have different lifespans, generally speaking, it is recommended you have your pipes replaced every 20 to 30 years. Other signs you may need repiping include rusty colored water, frequent leaks, and chronically low water pressure.

Why is my drain clogged?

Drains can become clogged for a variety of reasons, though the most common causes of blockages are tree roots, hair, soap, mineral buildup, food waste, lost objects, and coagulated grease. Practices such as never using your drain or toilet as a wastebasket, disposing of kitchen grease and cooking fats in the trash can instead of pouring them down the drain, and installing hair guards in your shower and bathtub drains can help to prevent clogs and keep water flowing freely.

What do I do if my garbage disposal is jammed?

If your garbage disposal becomes jammed, check the bottom of the unit for a reset button. If you can find one, press it and run the disposal again for a few seconds. If this does not work, call our team of Austin plumbing experts. We are equipped with the tools and experience needed to quickly repair your unit. To prevent jams, only flush small and soft food particles down your disposal and dispose of cooking greases, fats, and other larger items in the trash.

My garbage disposal has a foul odor. How do I fix this?

Foul odors from your garbage disposal are caused by a buildup of food debris. To eliminate this smell, grind ice cubes and citrus peels and let it run for around 30 seconds with plenty of water. After this, pour a small amount of dish soap down the drain while it is still running and flush it again with water for another 30 seconds. If you still notice a foul smell afterward, you may have a more substantial buildup in your drain which will require snaking by a professional.

How do I unclog my toilet?

If your toilet is clogged, remove the lid from the tank and close the flapper. This will prevent your toilet from overflowing. Use a plunger to create a seal around the exit hole and firmly push and pull downward and upward several times to loosen the clog, then flush again. If the water begins to rise, close the flapper again and plunge a second time. If the clog still does not budge, or if flushing causes water to back up into your sink or shower, call a plumber.

Why is my water heater making banging noises?

Rattling, popping, or clanging noises coming from your water heater are often a result of sediment moving within the tank as water is heating. While this noise is harmless, too much sediment can eventually lead to leaks or damage your unit’s electric heating element. To remove sediment, you will need to flush your water heater’s tank once every year. Our team of Austin water heater repair experts can perform this flush and other vital preventative maintenance to help you maximize the life of your unit.

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It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to plumbing. Even if it’s a small leak or another seemingly minor issue, it can become dangerous if not tended to. That’s why our team is here to answer your calls whenever a problem occurs.

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