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Pipes can last many decades, so it’s not surprising that you don’t think a lot about having to replace them. However, if you have an older home or have damage to your pipes, you’ll need to have repiping services done. You don’t want to put off these needed repairs. Leaks and pipe failures can cause significant damage. If you know that you need repiping services, contact the skilled Austin repiping specialists at Plumb Masters, Inc. right away. You can’t afford for a small problem to become a major issue.

Some of the problems that can occur with old or damaged pipes include:

  • Leaks and flooding
  • Pipe breakage
  • Mold
  • Damage to the foundation of your home
  • Health problems from sewage backups

The best way to maintain your pipes is to have an annual plumbing inspection. Our team of fully licensed Austin plumbers will look at your water heater, drains, and pipe conditions and let you know if you need any repairs or repiping.

Old pipes can cause damage to your home and your family’s health. Avoid these concerns by contacting Plumb Masters, Inc. at (512) 957-0485 for Austin repiping services today.

5 Signs You Need Pipe Repair

1. Cracks in your wall paint - If your leak is small enough, you might not get a visible stain. But water pressure adds up and can end up putting more pressure on your wall's paint than it's intended to withstand.

2. Visible water stain - If you're lucky then the leak will be in a spot that's visible and in your site. Make sure to call in our Austin pipe repair experts sooner rather than later because leaks get worse over time.

3. An unusually high water bill - The worst way to find out you have a leak is through your water bill because you'll be paying for it and it means that you've had a leak for some time that's causing more damage each day.

4. The musky smell of mold or mildew - When in doubt, trust your instinct. If your wall seems to smell a little worse than usual at least have our Austin pipe repair specialists in to detect your leak and fix your pipes.

5. Your water meter is moving after you've turned the water off - The best way of testing if you have a leak or not is to turn off all your water and head to the meter. If the dial is still moving then you have a leak somewhere and should give us a call.

Common Signs You Need New Pipes

Old and damaged pipes can be identified by a number of signs, including:

  • Unexpected rises in your water bill
  • Rumbling sounds near your water main
  • Clanging or grinding noises
  • Unpleasant odors, especially on lower floors
  • Pooling water or damp spots on your walls or ceiling
  • Lower water pressure
  • Rusty colored or brown water

What Pipes Are You Responsible For?

Most homeowners understand that they have to take care of the pipes inside their homes. Whether under the sink or in the walls, old pipes can crack, leak, and cause problems. What many don’t realize is that you are responsible for some pipes outside your home as well. Pipes connected to your water meter and any pipes that cross your property are your obligation. The water company is responsible for water mains up to your property line. After that, the pipes are your concern.

If you haven’t had your pipes inspected lately, you could be ignoring dangerous problems. Contact Plumb Masters, Inc. for a pipe inspection. Our Austin plumbing service professionals will let you know what repiping you need, if any. Don’t wait for major water damage.

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