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Water heaters provide fast, convenient access to hot water. If your heater begins to leak or sustains damage, the results can be catastrophic. Keeping your water heater in good repair is an important part of keeping your home safe and your daily life running smoothly. If your water heater is in need of repairs, you can count on the Austin water heater service plumbers at Plumb Masters Inc. to get the job done right.

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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

  • Cold flashes in your hot shower - If you're ever getting splashes of cold water in your hot shower then get in touch with our Austin water heater repair experts. The dip tube that brings cold water into your unit is leaking incoming cold water with outgoing hot water.
  • Water heating process is longer than usual - Due to the complexity of heating elements, there are a few different reasons your water could be taking longer to heat up than normal.
  • Loud noises from tank - We'll breakdown what noises from your water heater mean below, but just know that many of the sounds mean you just need an Austin water heater pro to flush your tank to rid it of sediment build up.
  • Foul smells or leaks around water heater - If the leak is localized to a water line, those are fairly replaceable. But if the leak is coming from your tank, then you might need to opt for replacement.
  • Rust in water - When your hot water has this rusty discoloration, you either need water heater repair or replacement. If the rust is only on your anode rod, then we can replace the rod no problem. But if the corrosion has spread to your tank then you'll need replacement.

A water heater that isn’t properly maintained can lead to bigger problems than cold showers. If the water pressure is too high, the water heater can burst and flood your home. Water damage from leaks can cause mold or even compromise your home’s foundation.

When Your Water Heater Is Making Noises

Sounds coming from your water heater is sometimes a sign of a malfunction, but sounds can also mean nothing is wrong at all. Obviously, it is helpful to know when hearing a noisy water heater should be followed by calling a professional.

Some different water heater noises and what they likely mean:

  • Ticking: Usually related to pressure changes moving the heat trap around. This is a normal sound and is nothing to worry about.
  • Hissing: Often happens with sediment buildup causing water bubbles. Could be a sign that you need to flush your tank.
  • Popping: If the water bubbles in your tank are a little less frequent they may sound like this. Yet again, this is likely sediment buildup that you should resolve by flushing your tank.
  • Rumbling: This could mean that sediment buildup is severe and the anode rod is corroding.
  • Whistling: Your TPR valve probably needs to be opened to release excess pressure.

If your water heater is making any unusual sounds, it is wise to contact a water heater expert for a diagnosis. Many times the issues goes back to flushing your tank, especially if you have not flushed it in the past year.

Reasons Your Water Heater Gets Cold Fast

There are a large number of reasons why a water heater may be getting cold and running out of hot water.

  • Mineral Deposits Building Up
  • The Heating Element Is Broken
  • The Dip Tube Needs to be Replaced
  • The Temperature Setting Is Low / Thermostat Is Broken

Mineral Deposit Buildup

All hot water tanks are prone to sediment buildup from the natural mineral contents of water. A tank that is not flushed over a period of time will begin to lose its capacity and will deliver less hot water to the home.

Broken Heating Element

On electric water heaters, there are heating elements at the top and bottom of the tank. These components do the work of actually heating up the water. If one is faulty, lukewarm water is the immediate result.

Broken Dip Tube

The dip tube delivers cold water to the heating element at the bottom of the tank. If it is broken, some water remains cold in the tank and slows or hinders complete heating inside the tank.

Low Temperature Setting

The simplest problem causing a water heater to get cold quickly would be an incorrectly set thermostat. If you raise the temperature setting but experience no effect on changed water temperature, your thermostat is likely malfunctioning.

plumber repairing water heater

How Often Should I Have My Water Heater Serviced?

To keep your water heater operating correctly and to extend its lifespan, it is important to periodically have it inspected and maintained by a trained Austin water heater service professional. Generally speaking, it is recommended you have your water heater serviced at least once per year depending on the amount of hot water you use, with a tank flush being the most important type of maintenance. This will expel water heater sludge containing minerals, sediment, and other deposits from the inside of your heater, preventing malfunctions and slowing the deterioration of your tank.

Other Maintenance Tasks That Should Be Completed:

  • Checking the water pressure valve
  • Verifying that the pressure reducing valve is set correctly
  • Inspecting the anode rod for signs of corrosion
  • Testing the temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Investigating for signs of leaks

Whether you need to repair a tankless water heater or a hybrid water heater, you can count on our Austin water heater repair experts at Plumb Masters Inc. Call today at (512) 957-0485 or contact us online!

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