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Depending on the nature of your business and the layout of your facility, you may have a lift station installed, or need to install one. Also known as a sewage pump station, a lift station is designed to pump wastewater or sewage from a lower elevation up to a higher level in order for gravity to feed it down to where it needs to be, most likely to a sewage treatment facility. While these are most often installed to overcome inadequate head (energy in the water that causes it to move over distance), they may also be needed to improve drainage options. A lift station can also provide a more economical option for improving wastewater flow than different types of pumps.

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How A Lift Station Works

A lift station has a few basic components: a well, a pump, and monitoring equipment. Wastewater and sewage feed into a well, where it sits until the water level reaches a certain point. At that point, the monitoring equipment switches on the pump, which then sends the water out of the well and up to a higher elevation, where gravity then takes over and moves the sewage down to the treatment plant. You’ll most likely find these pumps in areas that are at a similar or lower elevation than a sewage treatment facility because the wastewater won’t be to escape without the extra push from the pump.

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The Plumb Masters, Inc. Difference

If your lift station needs service, including a repair or maintenance, the skilled Austin commercial plumbers at Plumb Masters, Inc. can help! Our company takes great pride in its reputation for providing exceptional services and high-quality products to the community. We offer a wide range of plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers in order to obtain your complete satisfaction. We don’t believe the job is finished until you’re happy, and that means making sure your lift station is operating smoothly and efficiently so your business can get back to normal with minimal interruptions. With a staff of fully-licensed, background checked, and highly-trained technicians, why would you trust your business to anybody else?

In need of a lift station pump service in Austin? Contact Plumb Masters, Inc. today and find out more about how we can help you and your business!

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